Founded in 2007, we set out to challenge traditional building practices and create a better, smarter way to deliver homes.



Facit Homes was born out of a frustration with the status quo. Our founding team’s previous experience of designing and building homes showed that conventional methods were full of inconsistency and inefficiency. With ‘interpretations’ of drawings on site and the confusion and miscommunication caused by involving dozens of different people, each with their own agenda, the result was never quite what was expected.

Modern digital manufacturing techniques have revolutionised the way we make things, from cars to smartphones, allowing one company to control the entire process. We asked ourselves if this technology could bring more clarity and certainty to creating homes and provide a better service and end product for the customer. Could we take house building in to the digital age and manufacture homes? Years of research and development, testing and refining the process proved that we could.

Since featuring on Grand Designs as an exciting innovation – “the world’s first computer-cut house” – we have gone on to become an established, industry-leading company, delivering award-winning homes across the UK.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of backgrounds and experience. Formed of architects, designers, technicians, specialist fabricators, site agents and contract managers, our combined expertise covers the broad spectrum of skills required to deliver cutting edge, bespoke homes.

As a team we are constantly innovating and developing the way we work together in order to improve our product and our service. And we always try to have some fun along the way.


  • Bruce Bell
    Bruce Bell

    Managing Director

    Founding partner, Bruce, is our creative force. He’s worked with some of the world’s best architects and artists, including Norman Foster and Anthony Gormley.

  • Dominic McCausland
    Dominic McCausland


    Founding partner, Dominic, knows how to create beautiful things. He has a wealth of experience in delivering complex designs to the highest standard, making sure they fit the architecture of your home.

  • Andrew Goodeve
    Andrew Goodeve


    Before founding Facit Homes, Andrew had already spent a decade running innovative businesses. He sets our long-term vision and oversees our commercial strategy.

  • Rhys Denbigh
    Rhys Denbigh

    Head of New Business

    Rhys spent over 10 years working in business development roles for some of the UK’s top industrial designers such as Tom Dixon. He is responsible for our sales and marketing activities and developing the company's overall growth.

  • James Gardener
    James Gardener

    Director of Operations

    James is a chartered architect who oversees the operational processes and systems at Facit Homes, as well as leading individual projects.

Our Vision

To build a better future – one home at a time