Assisted Self Finish

We understand that a traditional ‘self build’ project can seem intimidating to many people. It’s one of the main reasons Facit Homes came to be. However, finishing off the interior of your home may be something you would feel confident about taking on. Perhaps you might even enjoy getting involved, be it managing the trades, buying the products or even rolling up your sleeves and painting the walls yourself.


For those who want to play a more active role in the creation of their new home, we offer an Assisted Self Finish option. It includes a full design service and delivers all of the complicated and technical elements of the construction, at which point the project is handed over for you to complete.

This allows you to manage the interior fit out of your home including the purchase and installation of the surface finishes, kitchen and bathrooms etc. You could think of it like a renovation project, which is something many people have done before, except that you are working with a fresh canvas which won’t be hiding any gremlins.

The goal remains the same as on our turnkey projects – to ensure you end up with the home that you want. So rather than leaving you to it we will remain on hand to provide professional assistance and support, but by taking on the work yourself you can reduce costs and complete the project at your own pace.