Low energy living

High-performance homes.

Facit Homes come with energy efficiency built in. You get long-term security against rising energy prices, while doing your bit to combat global warming.

Facit Homes are the best-performing homes manufactured in the UK. They offer the lowest possible bills with the highest levels of comfort. Each home meets the same high international level of performance as  the German Passivhaus standard,

Efficiency built in

Facit Homes follow the fabric-first approach to energy efficiency: super-thick insulation, absolute air-tightness and south-facing windows that help capture a free and almost everlasting energy source: the sun.

Instead of relying on bolt-on energy-saving devices, it is our homes themselves do the hard work. The result is simple: you use less energy and save money.

Homes that work harder

All our homes come with Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation. This simple and efficient system brings in fresh air whilst recovering the waste heat that would normally be lost.  We can also include extra renewable technologies such as solar panels and ground source heat pumps.

Counting carbon

Our homes have the lowest carbon footprint of any built in the UK today. We use natural materials that take low levels of energy to produce, and come from sustainable sources.