A smarter way of making homes.

Precision manufacturing

A precise process

We use fabrication technologies from the manufacturing industry. Your home is engineered with the precision of a Swiss watch. Literally. That’s because we’re the world’s first company to use a purely digital design and production process – the internationally acclaimed D-PROCESS™


The D-Process

At the core is a 3D computer model detailing every aspect of your home from its orientation and material quantities, down to the position of individual switch. Avoiding the complex logistics and expense of a factory, the D-PROCESS™ is delivered on site in a compact mobile production facility which transforms 3D digital components into exact physical components. These are produced on demand, keeping costs down and eradicating lead times.

More control over your home.

Our computer visualisations allow you to understand exactly how the design for your Facit Home is developing. This means that the end result is always a pleasure, and never a surprise.

Tradition and technology

Our team combines traditional craft with high technology. Skilled carpenters work side by side with the digital design team. Kitchens or staircases are made by computer-controlled cutters, then assembled with care and finished by hand.