Do I need to use my own architect?

No. We have our own architects, who are an integral part of the team working on your home. They see projects through from start to finish. Find out more about your team.

Is fire a big issue for a timber-framed building?

Facit Homes are built to the highest international standards for fire retardancy. We use non-combustible insulation and fireproof linings to protect the timber structure.

What if I want to build it myself?

We offer two levels of service; Turnkey (where we do it all for you) and Assisted Self-Finish. For the latter we will do all the really technical stuff and hand over a weather-tight shell for you to fit out internally. Please ask for more details.

Are there issues getting a mortgage for a Facit home?


Will I have any issues with buildings insurance?

No. Although modern designs with flat roofs and a timber frame calls for a different kind of insurance, we know where to look for it. (And it wouldn’t be any pricier than you’d expect.)

What guarantees come with a Facit Home?

We offer two options:

1. A six year, non-transferable defects warranty, which we provide directly to you.

2. A ten year structural defects warranty by Premier Guarantee, which you’ll be able to transfer if you ever sell your home.

What foundation system do you use?

This is dependent on the ground conditions of your site. Where possible we use an insulated raft foundation for its excellent thermal performance, but if required we can offer screw piles with raised timber ground floor above.

Do I have to do the planning application? You dont know anything about my area and how fussy they are..

We do all of that for you, and work with a planning consultant who will give us the insight required.

What is the lifespan of a Facit Home?

Indefinite – as long as the home is well maintained. Note that most brick built homes have timber roofs and floors, which are the areas most at risk.

How long will it take?

Between 2-4 months from appointment to planning submission, 2-3 months in planning (this may vary), 2-3 months technical design and preparation to start on site, 5 – 11 months on site depending on size and complexity.

What can I have for the interior fit out?

Anything you want – we will design it and build it for you.

How much will a Facit Home cost?

Its really not that simple! See the section on costs.

Can you do my extension?

No, we only work on new build projects.

Can you do me a new kitchen?

Not on its own, but we recommend our sister company wildercreative.co.uk 

Can a Facit Home be a Passive House?

Yes, the envelope of every Facit Home is Passive House standard in terms of air tightness and insulation. In order to reach the full passive house standard other supporting environmental kit is required such as PV panels, but that depends on if the site receives enough sunlight and also budget.

Can you build me a Facit Home abroad?

No, at the moment we are focused on working in the UK but one day we hope to create Facit Homes all over the world.