Your Team

Putting you in charge. If you’re going to have the perfect home, you need to be in charge from the start. That’s the idea behind Facit Homes. Our team of experts will help you create the home you want to live in.

Our Architect, your project leader.

Your Facit Homes Architect is your first point of contact for the whole project. They’re the project leader, which means they’re responsible for the delivering the project as well as its design. They’ll be there from the initial discussion, through to the planning process and construction. An architect in the true sense of the word.


Director of Architecture

Fantastic sketches, calm under pressure, keen climber.


Architect & Project Leader

Creative thinker, technology expert and dog borrower.


Architect & Detailer

BIM specialist, high end residential specialist, mountain biker.

Your site team.

The site team is made up of home-grown specialist crew members and hand-picked local labour. They will be led by a site agent who will make sure your design is followed to the letter. He or she will look after the day-to-day running of the site, and take care of everything from the delivery of materials to dealing with the notoriously difficult energy companies.


Design & Build Coordinator

CNC Specialist, process geek and tinkerer.


Site Agent, Machinist

Pacemaker, photographer and Vauxhall Nova owner.


Site Agent & Contract Manager

Stickler, maker and bike fanatic.

Your digital production team.

This team spend their time maintaining, researching and developing our digital production process. That’s why we can promise you’ll get the home we’ve designed for you.

They have the technical know-how to keep our systems and digital machinery constantly improving, so your home will be on time and on budget.


D-Process, Systems Management

CAD CAM Specialist, Researcher, man of many piercings.


Product Development

Computer modeling specialist, guitarist

Architecture and technology direction.

Founding partner, Bruce Bell, is our creative force. He’s worked for some of the world’s best architects and artists, including Ron Arad, Norman Foster and Antony Gormley to name but a few.



Obsessed by process, efficiency, detail.

Specialist fabrication and interior direction.

Founding partner Dominic McCausland knows how to create beautiful things. He has the experience you need to deliver complex designs to the highest standard, making sure they fit the architecture of your home.



Obsessed by machinery, new materials and colour

Communications and business development

Before founding Facit Homes, Andrew Goodeve had already spent a decade running innovative businesses. He sets our long-term vision, and oversees all of our marketing, communication, and finance.



Obsessed with techno gadgets, apps and how to get our message out there.