Simple, transparent, accurate

One of the fundamental questions at the start of any project is ‘how much is it going to cost?’ We try to make the tricky subject of cost as simple as possible by providing a transparent pricing structure and always designing a home within the agreed budget.

Dynamic Pricing

Our 3D digital model of your home gives us the ability to interactively analyse the effect of any alterations to design and specification as we go, putting you in control of how and where you spend your budget.

Accurate Cost Plan

We produce a detailed cost plan prior to planning submission, with a breakdown listing the price of every last element. This ensures that you know the total price before the application goes in and that there are no major surprises further down the line.

Fixed Prices

We use a fixed price building contract once the final design and specification is confirmed and we are ready to start on site, giving you peace of mind that costs will not overrun during construction.


Pricing structure

The total price of a Facit Home is formed of Construction Costs and Architectural Fees. Construction Costs are measured ‘per square metre’ and the total is generated from the overall internal area across all floors. Architectural Fees are calculated as a percentage of the total construction cost, which varies depending on the project size and complexity, and cover the full range of architectural design services.

construction costs

£2,100 per m²



Our Construction Costs are based on a home of around 220m² over 2 floors, on solid level ground. All other costs outside of the actual home, such as drainage/utilities connections, consultants/engineers and statutory requirements will be project specific; we will discuss these with you at the outset in order to determine an overall budget.

What is included:

For example…

Total internal area – 210m2

Total Construction Cost @ £2,100m2 = £441,000

Architectural Fees @ 16% = £70,560


A little note about VAT

Thanks to the good people at HMRC, you pay 0% VAT on a new build home. That can make commissioning a new home much more appealing than doing a refurbishment or extension. The 0% rate applies to the whole house, apart from loose furniture and appliances.

Even better, because we fall into the category of a ‘Design and Build’ company, we can also apply the 0% VAT rate to our professional fees (and those of any consultants we use), unlike an architect who would need to charge the full 20% VAT.