Seamless vision

Our custom manufactured, triple-glazed windows combine outstanding performance with contemporary style. The composite frame brings together the durability of aluminium and the warmth of natural wood. Slim 50mm sightlines maximise natural light with a minimalist aesthetic and are the same width on both opening and fixed units, giving a consistent, clean look.

Let the light in

Laser-cut aluminium window reveals bounce light into the deep set windows, adding extra protection from the elements and creating crisp lines on every elevation. A custom powder-coated finish provides versatility and personality, matching or contrasting with the frames and cladding.

Environmental efficiency built in

Our homes follow the fabric-first approach to energy efficiency: a super-insulated, super-airtight building envelope and south-facing windows that capture a free and almost everlasting energy source; the sun.

Prioritising energy preservation over generation, it is our homes themselves that do the hard work. The result is simple, you use less energy and save money.

Supplementing this, smart-thermostat controlled underfloor heating supplies comfortable, ambient warmth to each space. And working alongside it, all our homes have a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system. This simple and efficient system brings in fresh air whilst recovering and reusing 94% of the heat from the stale air it extracts.

We can also integrate extra renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and ground or air source heat pumps on request.

Solid footing

Our insulated raft foundation system is like a pair of slippers for your home, keeping it warm and cosy. Thermally efficient, technically advanced and fast to install, it uses a minimal amount of concrete and provides the maximum amount of support. And being lightweight, spreading the load out across the whole slab, it requires only the smallest amount of excavation.

Where specific ground conditions demand, we have a number of alternative solutions to accommodate even the trickiest site.

Technical Specifications

Windows – 48mm triple glazed panels; FSC timber; 0.8W/m2k U-Value; SBD accredited; 12 year warranty

Window reveals – Laser-cut, powder-coated, 1050 grade aluminium

MVHR – 94% energy efficiency; dual filter; summer bypass; integral humidity sensor

Underfloor heating – Multi-zone; smart-thermostat controlled; slab integrated

Foundations – 300mm EPS insulated foundation system; 100mm lightweight reinforced concrete slab; 0.1W/m2K U-Value