Digital Model

Data driven

Digital manufacturing is an integrated approach centred around a computer system, where data is used to control every process. We design every element of your home within a 3D computer model that generates all of the vital information, from quantities and prices to the size of each window and position of every light switch.


Beyond the human hand

Computer-controlled machinery guarantees fast, efficient and precise production. It can achieve incredible levels of accuracy and complexity. We harness this technology to produce your home, utilising these abilities and turning the digital model in to reality with no interpretation or human error.


Putting it all in place

Avoiding the complex logistics and expense of factory-based assembly, and vehicular access requirements of large modules, a Facit Home is assembled on site. Every part is produced ‘just in time’ to be sequentially installed. It means your home goes together like clockwork. And the traditional chaos of a building site becomes a thing of the past.